One of the unique cultural attractions in Bali and rarely known by tourists is Yeh Pulu Temple, Ubud, Bali. Most tourists visiting Yeh Pulu Ubud temple are foreign tourists. Domestic tourists rarely visit this tourist attraction in Bali. This is due to the lack of promotion of this historical tourist spot, for domestic tourists.

On the page of this site, I will write to the reader about the Yeh Pulu Bali Temple. Information that you will get, such as the uniqueness of Yeh Pulu Ubud. So that it is worthy of being one of the tourist attractions in Bali that you must visit.

The location of Yeh Pulu Bali tourist attraction is in the village of Bedulu, Blahbatuh District, Gianyar Regency.  Yeh Pulu temple is also often referred to by the name Yeh Pulu Bedulu. For trips to Yeh Pulu attractions, you do not have to specifically take the time to visit attractions in Ubud. Because Yeh Pulu tourist attractions, in line with the route Kuta – Denpasar – Ubud – Kintamani.


What is unique about the location of this temple, because it is located at the location of rice fields. The field location is very wide and spread in all corners of the village of Bedulu. So when you are on tour, you don’t just see the historical reliefs of the temple, besides that you will also see a neat landscape.

To reach the location of Yeh Pulu Bedulu Gianyar Temple, the best way is to use a car rental service in Bali with a driver. Because finding a location from this tourist spot is quite difficult and there are very few taxis available to take you back. Besides using car rental + driver services in Bali, you also don’t need to think about parking lots and traffic jams on the highway.


To reach the location of this temple, you have to pass a fairly small footpath. This trail is very well maintained, both in terms of cleanliness and beauty. The treatment of this trail is carried out by surrounding communities that have agricultural organizations, under the name Subak. On the location of this tourist attraction, there are parking facilities, toilets, Balinese souvenir shops and tour guide services.

You must be asking, what can you see in Yeh Pulu Bedulu tourist location.  If you are a person who likes ancient historical reliefs, sculptural art and natural atmosphere. then this tourist attraction is one of the tourist attractions that must be visited in Bali.

On this tourist attraction, you will be able to see many very unique ancient reliefs. Because there are many reliefs in the temple’s tourist attractions, then this tourist spot is often referred to as Yeh Pulu relief name. Historic reliefs here, carved on rock, and relief lengths of about 25 meters with a relief width of 2 meters.


The history of the reliefs found in this tourist location, tells the history of the life of ancient Balinese people, during the Bedahulu kingdom. Not only reliefs on the walls, holes protrude into the sanctuary, there are also attractions in this. It is said that this place was used for the ascetic king of Bedahulu, before he lost the battle against the Majapahit kingdom in 1343.

Yeh means water and Pulu means barrel which was used as a place for rice. This tile is placed in the western part of Yeh Pulu relief and is located in the center of the holy water place. for information, one of the temples in Bali that tourists like to visit the most is Ulun Danu Beratan temple. look at a tourist brochure or magazine that shows the temple is in the middle of Bratan Bedugul lake, this is the Ulun Danu Beratan temple.

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