Ubud Dance Performance, Show Tickets and Schedules

Ubud dance performance for Ubud palace and Ubud area. Information about daily dance performances, show ticket price and locations. Ubud has so many attractions for the night. One of the most famous thing to do at night in Ubud is the dance shows. One and half hours duration of traditional Balinese dance performance, starting from 7.30 pm to 9.00 pm.

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Ubud Palace Dance Performance

The Dance at Ubud Palace performed every evening. The most popular one held in Ubud is at the Ubud Royal Palace. However, sometimes it gets crowded and run out for the ticket. This is a Balinese dance that worth to see. Read more>> Ubud Royal Palace

Ubud Dance performance

Ubud Palace

Day Dance ScheduleTicket Price
SundayLegong Mahabarata7:30 PMIDR 100K
MondayLegong Dance7:30 PMIDR 100K
TuesdayRamayana Ballet7:30 PMIDR 100K
WednesdayLegong & Barong7:30 PMIDR 100K
ThursdayLegong Trance7:30 PMIDR 100K
FridayBarong7:30 PMIDR 100K
SaturdayLegong Dance7:30 PMIDR 100K


Saraswati Temple Dance Performance

The Dance show at Pura Saraswati Temple is held every evening. The location of the temple is located 3 minutes walking from Ubud Palace or most known as Ubud Center. Read more>> Saraswati Temple Ubud

Ubud Dance

Saraswati Temple Ubud

Day Dance ScheduleTicket Price
SundayJanger7:30 PMIDR 100K
MondayJoged7:30 PMIDR 100K
TuesdayKecak Dance7:30 PMIDR 100K
WednesdayRamayana Ballet7:30 PMIDR 100K
ThursdayKecak Dance7:30 PMIDR 100K
FridayNo Dance
SaturdayLegong7:30 PMIDR 100K


Pura Dalem Ubud Temple Dance Performance

Pura Dalem Ubud Temple dance show is held almost every evening. The location of the temple is located 6 minutes walking from Ubud Center.

Ubud Dance

Pura Dalem Ubud

Day Dance ScheduleTicket Price
SundayNo Dance
MondayKecak & Fire7:30 PMIDR 100K
TuesdayLegong7:30 PMIDR 100K
WednesdayBamboo Gamelan7:30 PMIDR 100K
ThursdayBarong & Keris7:30 PMIDR 100K
FridayKecak & Fire7:30 PMIDR 100K
SaturdayNo Dance


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Bale Banjar Ubud Kelod Dance Performance

Bale Banjar Ubud Kelod dance show is held every evening. The location is located 6 minutes walking from Ubud Center.

Bale Banjar Ubud Kelod

Day Dance ScheduleTicket Price
SundayLegong7:30 PMIDR 100K
MondayWomen Perform7:30 PMIDR 100K
TuesdayClassic Dance7:30 PMIDR 100K
WednesdayLegong & Barong7:30 PMIDR 100K
Thursday Legong7:30 PMIDR 100K
FridayWomen Perform7:30 PMIDR 100K
SaturdayFrog & Barong7:30 PMIDR 100K


Padang Tegal Kaja Dance Performance

Padang Tegal Kaja dance show is held almost every evening. The location of the dance performance is located at the Padang Tegal Kaja temple it is about 7 minutes working from Monkey Forest Ubud or 14 minutes walking from Ubud Center.

Padang Tegal Kaja

Day Dance ScheduleTicket Price
SundayKecak & Fire7:30 PMIDR 100K
MondayNo Dance
TuesdayBarong & Keris7:30 PMIDR 100K
WednesdayKecak & Fire7:30 PMIDR 100K
ThursdayLegong & Barong7:30 PMIDR 100K
FridayNo Dance
SaturdayKecak & Fire7:30 PMIDR 100K


ARMA Dance Performance

ARMA dance show is held every Saturday, Sunday and Wednesday. The location of the dance show is 2,5 kilometers from Ubud Center or about 30 minutes walking distance.


Day Dance ScheduleTicket Price
SundayBarong Dance7:00 PMIDR 150K
WednesdayLegong Lasem7:00 PMIDR 150K
SaturdayKecak Dance7:00 PMIDR 150K

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