Tibumana Waterfall

Tibumana Waterfall is a beautiful hidden paradise, and it is definitely one of Bali’s best-kept secrets. This picture-perfect waterfall is a fantastic place to spend the day exploring the surrounding rain forests and swimming in the natural rock pools.

Here is all the information that people have asked me about before going to Tibumana waterfall. So please keep reading my article! The information that I will share with you, such as:

General information about Tibumana waterfall
How to get to Tibumana Waterfall
Entrance Ticket to the Waterfall
What is permitted?
The Location of The waterfall
Transportation options to tourist attractions

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Tibumana Waterfall

Tibumana Waterfall Location

Tibumana Waterfall is located at Jl. Setra Agung, Apuan, Susut, Bangli, Bali, Indonesia. Tibumana waterfall is about 15 kilometers away from Ubud. It can be reached in 30 minutes by car from Ubud Center. This Waterfall is very easy to find if you Google it on Google Maps.


Transportation Options

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tibumana waterfall


The drive from Ubud to Tibumana Waterfall is absolutely gorgeous. About 2 minutes before you arrive at the car park for the falls, you will come across possibly the best palm tree lined road in all of Bali! Be sure to stop here to take some happy snaps.

TibumanaWaterfall is an easy location to find and parking is free. The local villagers are overly friendly and are always excited to see new visitors. The entrance fee to Tibumana Waterfall is 10,000 Rupiah.

About This Waterfall

Tibumana Waterfall is not a touristic hot spot as of yet, but thanks to Instagram this location is slowly getting more and more popular. The best time to visit is early morning and chances are you will have it all to yourself.

Once you’ll get past the ticket office, you’ll have to descend some stairs. In order to get to any waterfall in Bali, you’ll have to go through the agony of climbing up and down the stairs. For me it became a ritual: I have to suffer in order to see the beauty. I might overreact a bit but after visiting 4 waterfalls in one day, I could barely feel my legs.

Once you’ll reach the valley you have the option to go right to see the temple or left to see the waterfall. Although the temple is not impressive, it is worth a visit since you are already there.

The path to Tibumana Waterfall goes through the jungle and it’s a good opportunity to admire the exotic vegetation. You’ll first pass by a small waterfall before reaching Tibumana. I absolutely felt one with nature with all the butterflies and birds flying around me.

Tibumana waterfall

Swimming under the waterfall is permitted

Swimming in the lake is permitted and the water is warm enough to relax a bit and connect with nature.

This hidden waterfall near Ubud is perfect to chill on a hot day. Tibumana Waterfall Bali is still untouched by mass tourism. Therefore, you still have the chance to enjoy its beauty without being interrupted. You can easily link your trip to Tibumana with another amazing nearby waterfall: Tukad Cepung.

General Questions about Tibumana Waterfall

Here are some of the most common questions about Tegenungan Waterfall in Bali. If your question isn’t answered below, feel free to leave a comment with your question and I will try to answer it for you.

Tibumana Waterfall Entrance Fee

The entrance fee is 15.000 Indonesian Rupiah (1 August 2023).

Tibumana waterfall entrance fee

How much does it cost for parking?

5.000 Indonesia Rupiah for cars, and free for motorbikes. This price is subject to change.

Is it safe to swim in Tibumana Waterfall

If you’re a good swimmer you should be fine, but the waterfall is quite powerful and there are again signs and even red buoys in the water.

You can walk into the water a short distance before it gets deeper. So if you want to take a picture of you standing in the water in front of the Waterfall, that’s doable and safe.

Is there a changing room?

Yes to the left when you arrive at the Waterfall, you will see a small changing room.