Gunung Lebah Temple Ubud

Gunung Lebah Temple Ubud is One of the attractions of temples in Ubud interesting to visit is Gunung Lebah Temple. The location of the Gunung Lebah temple is under the bridge of the Campuhan Ubud river. See from its location under the Campuhan Ubud river bridge, including the location of the temple that is different from usual. Did you know, this temple is included in the category of the Kahyangan Jagat temple? This means that all Hindus can worship at the Gunung Lebah temple.

Pura Gunung Lebah

Pura Gunung Lebah temple was built in the 8th century by a priest from India. This pastor was named Rsi Markandeya, one of the priests who built many temples in Bali. One of the biggest temples in Bali, which was founded by Rsi Markandeya is the temple of Besakih.

The establishment of this temple was originally, Rsi Markandeya felt a magical power from the Campuhan Ubud river valley. Because of the magical power in the Campuhan river valley, after he returned from the journey to establish a temple at the foot of Mount Agung (pura Besakih). He built a temple in the Campuhan river valley, which was originally used as a place of meditation.

The history of the Gunung Lebah temple is closely related to the name of a tourist village in Bali which is currently very well known to foreign countries namely Ubud. The beginning of the formation of the Ubud village began with the establishment of a settlement in a location near the temple. Because in the river area Campuhan there are many types of plants that can be used as medicine. So this village is called Ubud which comes from the word Ubad, meaning medicine.

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Gunung Lebah History

The name of Gunung Lebah Temple, originating from the mountain which means hill while the bee means valley. So the meaning of the name of this temple is the temple which is in the Campuhan Ubud river valley, overlooking Campuhan hill. The small hill in the Campuhan river valley is a meeting of two river currents. Namely the river Oos originating from the Usada word (Balinese delicate language for medicine), and the Cerik river stream (small river).

The location of the temple is surrounded by very lush trees and the atmosphere is very calm. Therefore this temple is used as a place of meditation. Beautiful atmosphere, beautiful temple architecture and location close to tourist attractions in Ubud, so this temple is very popular with foreign tourists to visit.

The god worshiped in this temple is Dewa Danuring Mount Batur. In addition, this temple has a role in organizing a natural devotional ceremony held every 100 years. Every piodalan ceremony (regular ceremony) at this temple will be held by Calonarang pura Gunung Lebah dance art.

gunung lebah temple

Gunung Lebah Location

Gunung Lebah Temple is located on Jalan Raya Ubud, Sayan, Gianyar Regency, Bali, in front of Warung Murnis near the Blanco Renaissance Museum. To make it easier for you to find the location of the temple, please use the map below!

The location of the Gunung Lebah temple is adjacent to the central area of ​​Ubud. You only need to head west from Ubud city center through the Ubud highway. Third you arrive in front of Murnis Warung, just below the hill you will see a sign that reads Ibah Villas and Spa. Then trace the small road after the name Ibah Villas and Spa, and turn left. You will see a steep road that will lead to the parking lot.

Most of the temple locations in Bali are in the highlands and lowland areas. In addition, sometimes to get to the location of several temples in Bali from the highway, you have to walk a long way through the path or stairs. You will also find this when visiting the Campuhan Bee Mountain temple. You have to go down the stairs from the highway approximately 300 steps.

Gunung Lebah Entrance Fee

Most tourist attractions in Bali require visitors on vacation to pay for admission to tourist attractions. Then what about Gunung Lebah temple, is there a ticket fee to enter the Gunung Lebah Campuhan temple area? There is no entry fee to enter this temple, meaning free entrance ticket.

Most tourists who will walk to Campuhan Ubud hill will pass through this temple area. If you plan to visit Campuhan Hill in Ubud, it’s a good idea to stop by for the Gunung Lebah temple. The main gate of the temple will always be closed and only opened when there is a ceremony. Therefore, you must enter the temple through the side gate.

But please note about the clothes you wear. Because there are dress codes to enter the area of ​​a Balinese Hindu temple. That is, you have to wear a sarong and a scarf tied to your waist.

The Best Way to Go to a Temple Location

When you travel in Bali and stay at one of the hotels in Ubud, using a taxi is one of the best ways to visit this temple. Then if you don’t stay at a tourist spot in Ubud, using a taxi is not the right choice. Because the cost of transportation will be expensive.

For tours in Ubud, for those who don’t stay in Ubud, using car rental services + drivers in Bali is the best way. Because your driver will wait and you don’t pay by meter but the duration of usage. Besides that, you don’t need to think about looking for a parking space. Another advantage of using a car rental service plus a driver in Bali, in addition to lower costs and longer usage duration.

Ubud Full Day Tour

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