Batuan Temple

Batuan Temple or Pura Puseh Batuan is part of Tri Kahyangan in Pakraman village in Bali (Pakraman Village is a village activity concept that has three Kahyangan temples such as Pura Desa, Pura Puseh, and Pura Dalem).

The concept of Tri Kahyangan was coined by Mpu Kuturan in 1001 when he first came to Bali. The aim was to unite sects and community groups in Bali to worship God in its manifestations as Lord Brahma, Lord Vishnu, and Lord Shiva (Tri Murti Tatwa).

The holy temple which was built during the reign of King Paduka Aji Sri Dharmawangsa Wardhana originates from the Warmadewa. This dynasty has a carving ornament that is complicated, beautiful, and very fine. Even this Paseh Temple building has undergone a lot of renovations to arrive at its present form.

Design of Batuan Temple

Candi Bentar as the entrance gate of Paseh Temple looks dashing standing made of red bricks. Decorated with floral ornaments and curls of temple characteristics, making it more beautiful and unique. Candi Bentar as the gate is a barrier between Nista Mandala.  (Jaba Pisan – the outer part of the temple) Madya Mandala  is  (Jaba Tengah – the central part of the temple).

Typically a temple building in general, there is also a statue of Dwarapala as a gate guard. But this Dwarapala statue in Paseh Temple is not like in general a giant statue of a temple gate guard. Usually, Dwarapala is in a sitting position with one leg bent with a mace weapon, but here Dwarapala does not carry a weapon and is standing up.

Batuan Temple Location

Batuan Temple is located at Batuan village, Sukawati, Gianyar, Bali. The Batuan temple is about 10 kilometers which can be reached within 30 minutes drive from Ubud Center or about 1 hour drive from Denpasar airport.


After entering Candi Bentar, you will find the Kori Agung building which has a door to get in and out. According to Hindu religious beliefs, this door is a place for the entry of the gods. The people who came in and out after completing the prayer can pass the door on the left or right side of the Kori Agung building.

Bale Kulkul and Bale Agung are located in the temple’s central courtyard. There is a set of gamelan used to accompany when there is a religious ceremony or Piodalan held at Puseh Batuan Pura Gianyar.

In the main part of the temple (Main Mandala), there are Padmasana buildings, Meru buildings, and some pelinggih. Ancient and historic relics were placed in a wantilan building at the rear of the temple.

Batuan Temple Entrance Fee

Batuan Temple entrance fee is 30.000 Indonesian rupiah per 1 March 2023. The price including parking fee for any vehicles.

Batuan Temple Dress Code

The dress code for visiting Batuan temple complex is mandatory to cover your knees and chest. When you are traveling in Bali, especially if you decide to visit a place with a Hindu temple, please be aware with your dress code. Otherwise, you are not be allowed to enter the Hindu temple site that you going to visit. Batuan Temple as one of the most tourist attraction in Bali where the sarong is provided for visitors.
Then how much is the rental price of sarong at Batuan Temple?
Actualy the price for rental a sarong at Batuan Tempe is included with the ticket price. After you get your ticket entance for the temple on the locket ticket, will provided a sarong and scarf for the visitor. If you want to have your own sarong, you can buy at local handicraft store for $ 5 USD / IDR 70.000 for one sarong.

Batuan Temple Opening Hours

Batuan Temple is open everyday for tourists starting from 09.00 am to 06.00 pm. For local people or any worship purpose it is open for 24 hours. Then what is the best time to visit Batuan temple ?

Batuan Temple Best Time To Visit

The best time to visit Batuan Temple is in the morning about 9 am or late afternoon at 5 pm. The reason behind that is to avoid the crowd, the sun burn and good timing for taking pictures.

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Interesting Places To Visit Around Batuan Temple

Batuan Temple Tour

Batuan Temple tour is full day tour 8 hours by visiting interesting places around Ubud. This tour will begin with the hotel pickup at 9:00 a.m. The places will be visiting during this tour such as Balinese coffee Plantation Luwak, Bali swing Ubud, Tegalalang rice terrace, Tegenungan waterfall and Batuan Temple.

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Bali Coffee Plantation is a product that is processed by Balinese coffee farmers in a traditional way.  A new experience to process and utilize natural wealth and learn about the most unique coffee making processes that will change your knowledge of coffee and tea.


Tegenungan Waterfall is located in the village of Tegenungan Kemenuh, Sukawati sub-district, Gianyar regency. This tourist attraction offers a cool atmosphere and the beauty of panoramic views. The location of Tegenungan waterfall is very easy to reach by car with a distance of 15 minutes from the city of Ubud.