Ayung River Rafting Ubud

Ayung River Rafting – Ubud Rafting Adventure is one of the best activities you can do in Ubud for a better experience. Ubud whitewater rafting distance offers 13 to 14 kilometers of the track and approximate 2 to 2.5 hours on the raft.

ayung river rafting ubud

Bali White Water Rafting – Ayung River

Bali rafting Ayung river Ubud longest track is 14 km maximum. Along the way you will see a vast expansion of rice fields, Ubud rain forest, several stop for waterfall and stone carving on the cliff. This tours activities is very safety even for the first time. The safety equipment provided for this Ubud rafting tour such as helmet, life jacket, paddle, insurance and safety bags for your important things like mobile telephones. Enjoy 2 hours whitewater Bali accompanied by experienced river guides.

River Rafting Ubud

What is Include

  • Life Jacket, Helmet and Paddle
  • Buffet Lunch.
  • Coverage Insurance.
  • Lockers, Changing Rooms
  • Hot Shower
  • Towel & Soap

Ayung River Rafting Ubud Price

Product USD IDR
Ayung River Rafting 22  300,000


  • Special Price for Group Booking
  •  Children under 12 years old will get 50% discount

Terms and Condition

  • For the payment you may pay upon start the tour and no deposit needed
  • Payment either in USD, Rupiah or other currencies based on the latest exchange rates

How To Book :

  • Contact us via Email: ubudcenterbali.com/ live chat/ WhatsApp
  • Discussion, we answer all your questions regarding your inquiry
  • Complete the booking form we going to send you
  • Confirmation, we send the booking confirmation when all clear

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